Grand Theft Auto V(I)

Being someone who didn’t actually think that the world-renowned Grand Theft Auto V was worthy of the Game Of The Year title (Oh, yes. I am a snob), I was surprised to see that Rockstar North would so suddenly release a ‘remastered’ version after it ended the ps3 generation with such a big, bad boom. Sure, hailed devs Naught Dog did it with The Last of Us: remastered, but that was more likely released as an incentive for newcomers to buy the ps4 over the xbox one. Seemingly this re-release has none of the intentions that TLOUR had, so why re-release it now? Usually remasters are shipped out years after the original release. Well, there are a ton of reasons why this newcomer is shipping out before Christmas. But before we get onto what this new addition could possibly improve (that’s right, it’s not perfect), I should outline my view of GTA V itself.

Note that I have played this game extensively. I completed the campaign and finished as many side missions as I could.


For a game that cost $265,000,000 to develop, it just doesn’t make me feel like a million dollars playing it. Does that make me ignorant? No. Far too many people are somehow still blind sided by the unfounded belief that GTA V is THE BEST GAME EVER, despite it being out for over a year now. I must admit, for the time from the trailers being released to a few months post launch I was also a sufferer of such a disease. Fanboyism. But now, In hindsight, I enter that place where I actually have to question my feelings because they have now run dry. Is it the best game of the playstation 3 generation? No. Was it game of the year? No. I only have one main problem with it but it is quite a large one. As Jeremy Jahns said so well, GTA V is a game with so so many aspects to it that it excels at nothing, and that is absolutely true. It has a big story, but it had no real emotional value to it. It had three main characters, none of which really mattered in themselves at the end of the day. The only reason you didn’t want any of them to die is because you wanted to retain all the individual abilities. You can play tennis, but it’s not the best tennis game ever. It’s an open world game, but the city isn’t nearly large enough and the country is far too diluted in sand to have any place significantly stand out (the map simply isn’t as good as Just Cause 2’s, a game that came out 4 years ago), it’s a comedic game but at no point was I actually laughing out loud. I could go on. For whatever aspect you could possibly think about GTA V, unfortunately…another game does it better. And that’s simply the truth. It probably sounds like I am hating on this game, I’m not. It provided me with a lot of fun, but at the end of the day that’s all it did. It’s a game with a lot of good, not great stuff in it, and only in 30fps 720p (but wait for the zinger later in this article), and if ‘stuff’ is what you like, then by all means, hail GTA V as the best game ever. Other games that came out that year had far more artistic integrity, but whatever floats your boat.

And there are other problems with the game as well. It’s not racist, people say it is because of the extensive use of the N word, but at least it showed a larger, contradictory side to the African American protagonist that shows he isn’t just one massive black stereotype. But the game is sexist. Where the game shows Franklin as a respectable person and not just a person with a “yee-eh ass haircut” as Lamar says, the portrayal as women as dumb fun-ruiners and promiscuous blondes doesn’t have a respectable female lead to override that. The game even goes to the extent of blatant soft core pornography. As much as the strippers in GTA V are a beautiful sight, where are their place in this game? It does send out a wrong message that women are a pair of tits. I can hear the rage now “IT HAS BARE TITTIES BECAUSE GTA IS EXTREME!”. To an extent, I agree with this. The game pokes fun at prejudices against rich white people, old people, and such but it pokes fun to emphasise the fact that these are real life issues and not things to be condoned. GTA V takes misogyny and…demonstrates it. This is why despite how much you like titties, GTA V is sexist.



One of my main gripes with people thinking GTA V is the messiah is because the graphics were not good at all. 720p and 30fps, not including pretty shoddy textures, boasts nothing.

bad txtures  I mean, come on. This looks like they had to resort to crayons.

This time around the textures are VASTLY improved, and they boast the much awaited 1080p that GTA deserves, also if I’m not mistaken the game will look near life like at 60fps. Best of all, the game has a fully functional first person mode. The gun customisation in GTA V was relatively extensive but I felt it went to waste because you couldn’t see your mods half the time. Now your attachment and colour schemes will be full on in your face, and your scopes will support full ADS, so you feel like the gunslinger the game wants you to be. A lot of times on ps3 I found myself saying ‘xbox record that’ when a moose no-clipped inside my 4×4. Seeing as all the new gen consoles support DVR, it is good to know you can share with your friends your uncanny moments of madness, especially when partying on the now fully stable GTA online (when on release had a half life of 5 minutes before it corrupted your single player saves).


Being a fan of first person shooters that don’t suck, I feel that the graphics up and new cameras make this game different enough to unlock those feelings I felt at initial release, and give me something more on top. Will I be picking it up? Sure, why not? It may not give me the heart-wrenching, mind-boggling revelations that Bioshock Infinite spun on me, but now I can no scope a cow off the freeway for absolutely no reason, all in MLG HD style.


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