Who Is Phil Fish?

[PLEASE NOTE: The video I share is not mine! It comes from the brilliant Innuendo Studios]

If you are at all into the indie scene; or if you just hang around Gamejolt to see when the next SANICBALL patch is being released, you may be interested in Phil Fish, or already know who he is. I recently saw a brilliant documentary by Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky following a handful of indie dev’s journeys as game manufacturers, Phil Fish being one of the participants. It showed a very stressful and less glamorous side to indie game making that you wouldn’t normally think of when you look at, say, Super Meat Boy’s surface. I highly recommend the film, it’s on Netflix (UK), and the normal edition can be bought for a mere $5 from http://buy.indiegamethemovie.com/. I got so invested into the 3 year old movie, in fact, that I felt it incumbent that I learned the eventual outcome of Phil’s game development, weather he released FEZ or not, since the film did not stretch out that far in time. I did a quick google search on Phil, and discovered that almost everyone who knows who he is hates his guts. This was…disheartening to say the least, as he appeared sensitive, genuine, and fragile in the movie. Phil Fish is a very interesting person, and I just wanted to share a video by https://twitter.com/InnuendoStudios that explores Phil Fish in relation to the price of fame. It’s a really good watch. Enjoy!


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