Some Articles I will Write in the Future

Greetings, dragons, I have been neck deep in work recently, and will be for a few weeks coming. Here are a list of articles I am thinking of writing, hopefully I will do all of them:

-I soil myself over: Halo 5

-Evolution of violence in video games

-Female protagonists in video games: are they an issue, or do we make them one?

-Fan fiction and fervency for videogames: is it okay?

-‘Good for a video game’; the way we talk about stories in games

-I soil myself over: Arkham Knight

-‘I pre ordered this game; it’s going to be great’

-I have an idea for a game

-‘Delays ruin games!’

I may think of more, which I will add to this list post release. That inherent drowsiness and depression that comes along with Winter is starting to ebb away, which is good. Hope you’re all reading a good book, or something just as pleasant. Spread your wings and fly,



5 thoughts on “Some Articles I will Write in the Future

  1. I see three that I can’t wait to read, the soil ones, and the one about the delays. I’m interested to see what your thoughts on these are. All of them are good topics though, and should make for an interesting read.

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  2. Thanks very much ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll check out your articles, too. Forgive me if I haven’t liked or commented on any of your recent works, again, I’ve been very busy, my dragon.


  3. I really want to know your point of view about the delays on the video game industry. Also, the topic about female characters should be interesting and could really open a good debate on the comment section.
    Good luck!


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