The One Console Future – Is it viable and do we even want it?

A thought provoking piece discussing the possible future of a universal console

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Over the last half decade, I have heard a lot of rumblings within the games criticism community surrounding the idea of a one console future. On the surface these discussions usually posit that video games are unique as a medium in having competing proprietary standards that run for up to a decade with media exclusivity, without at any point one of those solutions becoming standardised. The solution usually posed is a one console future, a world where anyone can manufacture video games for a standard video game media format. No more exclusives, every game comes to every game box.

While I think the posed discussion is interesting, I think all too often a huge amount of the discussion is somewhat swept under the rug. What actually sets video games apart as a medium? Will those differences settle down over the coming decades? What pros and cons would such a potential…

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