Let’s Pretend I Haven’t Abandoned You

My posts have been rather sparse in the last few months, by which I mean I haven’t done any. Fear not, my love of games goes unabated and the passion is still burning hot but is currently overtaken by what seems like daily essays.

Dragons, I must confess, one loses the impetus to rant/write/read blogs when one is also lost inside some unrelenting workload. Ideally I would have posted every day of the half-term holiday, but then I had a surprise weeks worth of work experience.

I will make it up to you in good time, my loyal readers, and it is encouraging to see that my view count does go unabated despite my absence!  The Christmas holidays are imminent now, and I will be once again unchained, and typing to my heart’s content!

My next post will probably be on something Fallout

I love you all

kiss kiss hug hug


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