From The Makers Of Gone Home: Tacoma

I played Gone Home with my mum. Bloody good game, that was.

But, remarkably hard to follow up. How do you succeed a title whose charm was so inextricably linked with its intimacy? The intimacy of its characters, its household, the intimacy and honesty of its protagonist’s diary entries… none of these things seemed warranting of any expansion, spiritual or otherwise. However, it appears we have a contender.

Following in the footsteps of its lauded predecessor, it is (seemingly) a first person, singleplayer exploration game in which you recollect audiologs through environmental interaction. IN SPACE!

While it retains this promising element of environmental exposition, which Gone Home pioneered, it is obvious that Tacoma will differ immensely. I doubt we’re seeing the same plotline here, the domestic setting of Gone Home meant that we saw domestic issues by interacting with domestic artefacts, but LESBIANS IN SPACE would ring of the implausible and jarring. Although, I’d be perfectly open to SPACE LESBIANS, for sure. LESBIANS FROM OUTER SPACE. But they’ve already told that tale.

The environment of Gone Home was… cozy, which worked in tandem with the tenderness of the narrative, but with Tacoma, The Fullbright Company are rendering an abandoned space station set many years into the future. What kind of information we glean from it is something that I desperately want to know!

Hither, Tacoma! Hither!


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