Called It

My dearest dudes,

I am taking a break from my cumbersome Firewatch post in order to announce something rather pressing:

I have called it my dudes

On the 27th of February 2016 I published a post entitled Let Us Get Hyped in which I outlined the plethora of reasons to get off of our collective nuts after intimations of a Kojima/Reedus coalition were dropping online.

I said that we should not be discouraged by the lurid lack of Del Toro’s likeness being attached to these hints from Kojima and Reedus, considering Kojima and Del Toro’s well-established friendship and shared passions and then lamentations for their wrongly aborted Silent Hills I.P, as it would be likely Del Toro would join the project later.

I am a prophet my dudes

With the new trailer dropping at the VGAs a few days ago, one simply cannot ignore Guillermo’s tasty mug at the centre of this beautifully eldritch trailer.

Sitting at my desk and typing out this post, I am eager to say that I am over the moon, that I am filled with a sensual euphoria that lifts me not only with blissful sensation but with divine purpose to boot, that I am veritably pinging off my nut. But, what I feel instead is an overwhelming sense of equitable justice. I have been so vocal about my disdain for Konami ever since SH‘s abortion, so supportive of Kojima and Del Toro since the first hints of this new I.P. dropped that I feel satisfaction without the vigor of anticipation. I have spent all my energy already.

Think about it: there is absolutely no reason at all why these two friends, two similarly stellar visionary directors should not go forth with a project like Death Stranding.

It is finally happening my dudes.

And I have called it my dudes


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