Some Pixel Art

Hello chums!

A while back for my interview at York University I had to conjure up and present an idea for my very own videogame. I thought of a game called Damsel in which the player is confronted with the problems of the ‘damsel’ trope, and experiences the game as a scrutinised participant.

I withdrew the project from being assessed as a formal EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) so there’s no danger in sharing my conceptual designs online now.

Hope this adds a lil spice to your day,

Lots of love,

Vahrkalla xoxo

landscape progress 3





tree 1 progress 1


New Piskel

thumbnail_Imported piskel


4 thoughts on “Some Pixel Art

  1. Wonderful! I love pixel art – I commissioned a new pixel art avatar to use for my blogging, so I’m excited for that. Also, York U! I am in the GTA so I know all about York U. Did you get “Yorked” at any point?

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    • Ahhhhh, some slight confusion, I actually meant the York University in Yorkshire! I live in England, so my understanding of a ‘Yorking’ is lacking, could you fill me in?

      NB- I think I’m going to see your soccer team play New York City FC in the Summer!

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      • Ha, whoops, shouldn’t have assumed. You meant the real York U, the one in Toronto is a ripoff 😋 being “yorked” essentially means getting screwed over by the college administration, they’re terrible.

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